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10 Yards of Mulch – A Poem


A mountain of mulch arrived one day.
On the driveway, by truck, it was dumped.
Ten yards – 18 by 13 by 3 feet at the peak,
I was so happy and feeling quite pumped.

With visions of weed-free, brown carpets of mulch
Nestled around stems and trunks,
I woke up the next morning, ready to go,
and into the project I jumped.

Sleeves rolled high, no farmer’s tan for me,
My husband, Don, and I got busy.
Five yards delivered before, I moved by myself.
But do ten yards alone? That’s just silly.

Forty wheelbarrows we moved on Day One
In humid weather more than 90 degrees.
Sweat drenched our shirts over sore, aching muscles.
The garden was left with twenty, tiny mulch teepees.

Day Two was a short one; there wasn’t much time,
Between 6 and 8:30 was all time allowed.
But in this short time, the twenty small piles
Were now spread out smooth. Yup, I was quite proud.

Day Three was still short, but the weather cooperated.
Temps in the 70’s made working much easier.
Don shoveled and dumped. I spread as fast as I could.
But, darn it, he was quite a bit speedier.


So when I left the garden to go in for the night,
Ten tiny mulch teepees remained.
And while I was at work the very next morning
He moved more and, on me, he gained.

So Day Four for me was about catching up,
Spreading mulch as fast as I could.
Temps going up, back getting sore, but
By day’s end, on my mission, I made good.

Day Five was a Sunday. We knew we could finish.
Of course it was hot. We were tired and thirsty.
But as the pile grew smaller and then disappeared
I thought, “Let’s get more delivered next Thursday!”

 Garden with me!

2 thoughts on “10 Yards of Mulch – A Poem

    1. Thanks, Lisa. I need about 10 times that to do all the gardens, but I can’t do them all every year. They have to take turns!

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