Garden Musings

A Gardening Addiction

My name is Diana, and I am a gardening addict. If it was possible, I would begin and end every day in the garden. Have you ever wondered if you are on your way down the garden path toward a horticultural habit? Just count how many times you answer yes to the following questions.

Does your financial plan budget more money for plants than for clothes?

Have you borrowed some of your spouse’s favorite craft beer for slug bait because you discovered holes in hosta leaves?

Is your garage so full of garden tools, pots and bags of potting soil there is no room for cars?

When your spouse is in the doghouse, does he have a load of compost or mulch delivered instead of a bouquet of roses?

Do you pay for plant purchases with cash and throw away receipts so there is no paper trail? And then sneak plants out of the car so your spouse won’t notice?

Do you plan vacations based on the botanical gardens in the area?

Do you spend another day of your vacation visiting nearby garden centers?

While you are at those garden centers, do you start assisting random customers?

Does your manicurist start to weep when she sees you coming?

Do you have the tidiest garden but the messiest house in the neighborhood?

When buying a new car, is space available for hauling plants, mulch and compost a priority?

Do you have so many plants waiting to be planted you have the most beautiful driveway in the neighborhood?

Do you love the fragrance of new mulch so much you imagine bathing in it?

Have you removed important papers from your safe to make room for heirloom tomato seeds?

Do you enlarge the garden a few inches every time you edge?

Do you show photos of your garden as often as photos of your children or grandchildren?

Are your bookshelves filled with gardening books…ONLY gardening books?

Do you watch out the window for the mailman and then run to the mailbox to see if he brought seed catalogs?

As soon as the first snow forces you inside for winter, do you start dreaming of spring?

If you answered yes to more than four of these questions, you are a gardening addict like me. Own your obsession; proclaim your passion for plants; and garden with me!





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