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A Holiday Wreath for the Birds

One of my favorite things to do in winter is to watch the birds cavorting at the bird feeders. I keep my feeders filled with a variety of seed mixes and suet to attract a wide variety of birds. Then I watch as they flit back and forth from the beech and blue spruce nearby, jockeying for the best positions at the feeders.

With the holidays right around the corner (just 18 days until Christmas!), I decided to make a holiday wreath, filled with fruit and seeds, for the birds. Here’s how I did it.

I started with a grapevine wreath purchased at a craft store. They had lots of shapes from which to choose – round, oval, rectangular and more. The round one was too ordinary, too predictable and the rectangular one would be difficult to hang, so the oval-shaped wreath made its way into my cart.

After throwing an old sheet on the floor and gathering my supplies, I made the birdseed pine cones first. I imagine you have all coated pine cones with peanut butter and rolled them in birdseed, right? (If you haven’t, it is a great project to do with kids at Christmastime.) Hint: make sure you add wires to your pine cones before coating them with peanut butter or you will end up with sticky fingers.

I wired three birdseed pine cones to the bottom of the wreath and added a small birch branch underneath them to give birds a place to perch. Next, I cut slices of apples and oranges, strung them with twine and tied them at the top of the wreath.

Cherries were strung next and attached to the wreath, and to brighten the wreath I inserted some pieces of birch bark. At this point, the sun had set outside and the lighting inside was terrible (as you can see) so I put the wreath in the cold garage for the rest of the evening.

The next morning, I went out to the garden with my pruners and cut some boughs from a juniper and berries from some winterberry shrubs. The pieces of blue-berried juniper and winterberries were added all around the wreath. It was finished and time to head outside. (The birds were waiting.)

I hung it on the shepherd hooks with my other feeders. I sure hope the birds love it as much as I had fun making it for them. If you want to learn the 3 most important things you can do to help birds in winter, click here. Take care of the birds with me!

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