About Me

I grew up in gardens. My parents grew and preserved all their own fruits and vegetables. My mom also tended flower gardens from which she created beautiful bouquets. While my dad now tends a heavenly plot, my mom still gardens in her 80’s.

I love plants – planting, nurturing and harvesting – in containers and in the garden. I enjoy finding new plants; trying new combinations; experimenting with new methods; photographing plants, wildlife and gardens; and visiting public and private gardens.

As the manager of a garden center in the Chicago suburbs and a University of Illinois Extension Master Gardener for nearly 15 years, I am privileged to share my passion with gardeners of all skill levels.

A member of the Garden Writers Association, I write a weekly column for the Chicago Daily Herald and contribute articles to the Kane County Chronicle.

After spending way too much time working and way too little time in my own gardens for several years, I am in the process of reclaiming my landscape and my life while gardening in my Zone 5b garden in the northwest Chicago suburbs.

I hope to inspire others to experience the joy found in the garden; delicious homegrown goodness; and birds, butterflies and bees darting about. Garden with me!