Pulmonaria – Flowers & Foliage for the Shade Garden

I have a fond appreciation for those perennials whose foliage is still attractive in November, even after several hard frosts. Ajuga, coral bells, Epimedium, European ginger, lady’s mantle, lamb’s ear, and Pachysandra are some enduring characters in my landscape, but it was the Pulmonaria that caught my attention the other day while doing some fall… Continue reading Pulmonaria – Flowers & Foliage for the Shade Garden

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Forcing Bulbs for Winter Blooms

A rainy Sunday meant fall clean-up couldn’t continue outside, but it was the perfect time to plant some bulbs indoors to provide some welcome color later this winter. I couldn’t make it through winter without the boisterous blooms of amaryllis. Hippeastrum, as they are botanically named, are easy to grow. So easy and determined to… Continue reading Forcing Bulbs for Winter Blooms

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Overwintering Plants in the Garden

Well, it has happened again. Some plants will not get planted in their permanent homes in the landscape before winter has put an end to the gardening season. I will explain, step by step, how I overwinter these plants in the garden. (My success rate is pretty darn good.) But first, let me introduce you… Continue reading Overwintering Plants in the Garden

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10 Ways to Use an Hour in the Garden

What will you do during the extra hour granted to you the day before we turn our clocks back at 2 a.m. on November 5th? Here are 10 ways I could use that extra hour in my landscape: Cut back hostas in one of the shade gardens. Removing hosta foliage in the fall reduces winter… Continue reading 10 Ways to Use an Hour in the Garden


Miscanthus sinensis

Ornamental grasses are in their glory in the landscape. Their color, texture and form provide spectacular visual impact while their movement in autumn breezes delivers seasonal sound. Once established, most ornamental grasses are almost maintenance-free. Watering them during periods of prolonged drought and cutting their stems back to the ground in early spring is all… Continue reading Miscanthus sinensis