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Best of Garden with Diana – 2016

On December 29, 2015, I wrote the very first post on Garden with Diana. It has been quite a year sharing some pretty cool events; amazing people, plants and gardens; and useful garden projects and methods. These were the most popular posts in 2016.

Winter Window Boxes took readers through the process – step by step – as I planted my window boxes with greens for the winter. Shortly after the post was published they were covered with several inches of snow. Thanks to warmer temperatures the last several days, the window boxes are once again boasting an abundance of greens.

There will be a lot of tulips and daffodils springing from pots next spring if the number of folks who read Plant Bulbs in Pots is any indication. I hope so. It worked so well for me last spring I planted twice as many pots for next spring.

I visited a lot of beautiful gardens last year – some public, some private – and you seemed to enjoy reading Walk through Barb Richards’ Garden more than any other. Feel free to take another look.

The most popular post about a perennial was Aralia ‘Sun King’. Everyone should grow this one. If you missed this post the first time around, read it and then put this plant on your wish list.

The most read post about a shrub was Viburnum ‘Blue Muffin’ is a four-season beauty! I appreciate this shrub every time I look out the sliding glass doors in our great room. It boasts white flowers in spring, privacy-providing foliage in summer, blue berries in late summer, and brilliant fall color. In the winter, its branches hold feeders for birds and squirrels.

Growing Cucumbers in Containers won the award for Most Popular Post in the vegetable category. I grew all my vegetables in containers this year – earth boxes, raised beds, planting bags, and glazed, terra cotta, and metal pots.

Although it was not one of the most popular posts, it was one of my favorites because it is where it all began. Welcome to My Blog was my promise not only to Garden with Diana but also my commitment to a better way of living.

Thank you for joining me last year. I have exciting things to share with you in 2017. Come along and garden with me!




4 thoughts on “Best of Garden with Diana – 2016

  1. Hi Diana – I’m on the Program Committee for The Late Bloomers Garden Club in Del Webb Edgewater located in Elgin, IL. Randall & Bowes Rd. I was wondering if you do speaking engagements, if so, the month of Feb 2018

    1. Hi! I would love to come and speak to your group again. I have spoken there a couple times – once on ornamental grasses and once on houseplants. You are an amazing group! I still have open dates in February, 2018. I will email you with more info. Thanks!

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