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Giving Thanks for the Garden

I love Thanksgiving. I love its slower pace and less stressful nature. I love its focus on family and friends instead of presents. I love the way it give us pause to consider all for which we are thankful. I am most thankful for my family and friends, of course, but my garden is close… Continue reading Giving Thanks for the Garden

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Celebrate Black Plants on Halloween

In honor of Halloween, let’s celebrate those plants costumed with hauntingly black (or nearly black) foliage. Just as black cats add mystery on Halloween night, black-foliaged plants add a sense of mystery to beds, borders and containers. There are many plants that we grow as annuals in Zone 5 gardens with foliage as dark as… Continue reading Celebrate Black Plants on Halloween

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Saving Seeds of Marigolds & Zinnias

Saving seeds is the completion and the beginning of the circle of life in my garden. A seed is one of nature’s great miracles – everything necessary to grow a plant is held within its tiny walls. I started zinnias and marigolds from seeds early last spring, nurtured them from young seedlings to small plants,… Continue reading Saving Seeds of Marigolds & Zinnias