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Hummingbirds will be back soon!

Hummingbirds have almost reached southern Illinois and it won’t be long until they return to our backyards. After their winter vacation in Central America, hummingbirds started their trek back to our landscapes in January. Males started the journey first; females followed a couple weeks later. They flew 500 miles across the Gulf of Mexico and… Continue reading Hummingbirds will be back soon!

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Gardens of the Chicago Flower & Garden Show

From the moment you enter this year’s Chicago Flower & Garden show, you know you are in for a treat. Paying homage to Navy Pier’s 100th birthday, the entrance garden features Chicago landmarks, pink and white roses, lush ferns and purple Senetti pericallis. I love the exhibits of tulips, hyacinths and roses. I am more… Continue reading Gardens of the Chicago Flower & Garden Show