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Enjoy Spring Clean-Up in the Garden

I love cleaning up the garden in spring. After the crazy harsh winter we have just endured, it is wonderful to be outside in relatively warm temperatures and breathe fresh air. But that would be nice even if I was taking a walk around the subdivision or sitting on the deck with a book. There… Continue reading Enjoy Spring Clean-Up in the Garden

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6 Excuses Not to Compost…All Rejected!

When I speak to groups about the benefits of composting, I begin by asking how many people are not already composting at home. Always amazed at the number of hands that are raised, I inquire why not. I am taking on the most common reasons folks give for not composting. After reading to the bottom… Continue reading 6 Excuses Not to Compost…All Rejected!

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Gardens of Mettawa Manor

Mettawa Manor was built in 1927. When Bill Kurtis, legendary newsman, and his wife Donna LaPietra bought the 10,000 square foot mansion and 65-acre property in 1990, they became the estate’s just second owners. Over the last nearly thirty years, they have not only restored the existing garden areas, they have also added new elements… Continue reading Gardens of Mettawa Manor

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7 New Plants & Products at IGC Show

The Independent Garden Center (IGC) show was held last week at Chicago’s Navy Pier. Vendors from all over the country came to show off their plants, garden décor and supplies, pots, tools and just about anything else you might find at your local garden center. Garden center buyers jostled for position at their favorite booths… Continue reading 7 New Plants & Products at IGC Show

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Haircuts for Summer Containers

With pruners in hand, I set out to do a little mid-summer maintenance on my containers. Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, onions and herbs planted in containers on my deck were growing like crazy. They didn’t need haircuts, but  the basil needed their flowers, just beginning to form, pinched. (If plants were allowed to flower, they would… Continue reading Haircuts for Summer Containers