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The Garden Waits Not for Its Gardener

“Time waits for no man,” may be the well-known saying, but when I arrived home Monday evening, after five days in Austin, I thought, “The garden waits not for its gardener,” was a much more appropriate sentiment. When I opened the car door, I was enveloped in the sweet perfume of Viburnum juddii. I breathed… Continue reading The Garden Waits Not for Its Gardener


Purchasing the Best Perennials

If you haven’t already, it won’t be long until you find yourself at your favorite garden center to choose some new perennials for your garden. Whether you are prepared with list in hand (and disciplined enough to stick to it) or a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-gardening-pants sort of shopper, there are important questions to answer to be sure… Continue reading Purchasing the Best Perennials


Helleborus x hybridus for Spring Blooms

Hellebores, also commonly called Lenten roses, have become very popular with gardeners. I am not sure which comes first. Do gardeners start chatting amongst themselves about plants they love, and hybridizers create more to take advantage of a business opportunity? Or do plant breeders create a marketing buzz with new cultivars and gardeners can’t wait… Continue reading Helleborus x hybridus for Spring Blooms