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Plant Early Spring Bloomers for Pollinators

Pollinators and the flowers that attract them live together in a mutually beneficial relationship. Flowers attract pollinators to ensure pollination; pollinators seek out flowers for lunch. After a long winter, the first spring flowers emerge from the soil offering sustenance to early risers. To establish a resident pollinator population in the landscape, provide the earliest… Continue reading Plant Early Spring Bloomers for Pollinators

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Gardens Need Good Bones

We have all heard about the importance of the bones of our landscapes. We have read dozens of magazine articles, listened to countless lectures, and studied them on garden walks. Never are the bones of the garden more evident than in winter. Without the distraction of flowers and foliage, the skeleton of the landscape is… Continue reading Gardens Need Good Bones

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Understanding Fertilizers: What do those numbers mean?

It won’t be long before plants should be growing like gangbusters in our gardens again. What can we do if a few of them seem less than enthusiastic to wake up or are struggling to get their green on? First, commit to building the health of your soil over the upcoming season. “Feed your soil… Continue reading Understanding Fertilizers: What do those numbers mean?

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Red in the Garden All Year Long

In home design, neutral colors are those easy-going tones that don’t offend. They partner easily with other colors or serve as backdrops for more assertive accent colors. In the garden, the obvious choice of a neutral color is green, and red is a dramatic accent color in front of or over green foliage. In spring,… Continue reading Red in the Garden All Year Long