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Growing Lettuce is Easy

Lettuce is one of the first vegetables we can plant outdoors in spring. It shrugs off light frosts, although growing temperatures between 45 and 75° are preferred. I’ll be planting lettuce outside next week. Plant lettuce in loose, well-drained soil that has been amended with compost. Mix in high-nitrogen fertilizer like blood meal. Plant seeds… Continue reading Growing Lettuce is Easy

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Getting Ready for Seed Starting

It won’t be long before seed starting begins at my house. Besides the joy of watching seedlings emerge and grow into full-size plants, starting plants from seeds gives me the chance to fill my gardens with more plants. Let’s face it…if you want a LOT of flowers and vegetables, it can get very expensive purchasing… Continue reading Getting Ready for Seed Starting

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Spring can’t get here fast enough!

I don’t know about you, but I am sick of winter. I’ve studied seed catalogs and ordered seeds. I’ve edited my plant wish lists. I’ve grown amaryllis, cared for poinsettias and Christmas cactus, started forcing bulbs, and it won’t be long before seed starting begins. But I need spring! I need to be outside. I… Continue reading Spring can’t get here fast enough!