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Check out my cool-season vegetable garden!

Fruits and vegetables have been growing in containers on our deck since early April. We’ve been enjoying romaine and butterhead lettuce in salads and on burgers for a month, and the rest of the cool-season vegetables are growing beautifully. Check them out.

The heads of broccoli and cauliflower are beginning to form.

Isn’t this the most beautiful cabbage you’ve ever seen? Cabbages planted in the spring are less likely to be bothered by hole-chewing insects.

The kohlrabi plants are starting to bulge at their bases. If you haven’t tried a kohlrabi, you are missing a tasty treat.

Peas are growing.

I’ve already eaten a few strawberries, but more are quickly ripening.

Raspberries and blueberries are forming.

Onions and the second crop of kohlrabi plants are growing in an over-the-rail planter. Radishes and leaf lettuces grow in two more.

It won’t be long before I plant tomatoes, peppers and other warm-season vegetables, but these cool-season fruits and vegetables, planted while nights were still frosty, will keep our meals full of delicious and nutritious goodness. Get outside and garden with me!


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