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Color abounds in Arid Greenhouse at Chicago Botanic Garden

If winter has you craving for color and begging for blooms, head to the Arid Greenhouse at the Chicago Botanic Garden. It will soothe your soul and appease your appetite for flowers.

Aloe plants own the room right now. They are shamelessly flaunting their flowers, and the rest of the plants are doing their best to compete for the attention of visitors.

Aloe acutissima
Aloe chabaudii
Aloe eryptopoda
Aloe dawei
Aloe salm-dyckiana

The Arid Greenhouse is home to a wide variety of plants that come from parts of the world with very little rainfall. It is not surprising there are many cultivars of cactus, but this golden barrel cactus is the most impressive. It has been in the greenhouse for more than twenty years.

The genus Euphorbia contains a remarkably diverse group of the plants. It is hard to believe poinsettias also belong in this group of plants, isn’t it?

Euphorbia tirucalli (in back) & Euphorbia milii (in front)
Euphorbia ‘Welcome Home’

It is easy to see why the common name for Senecio talinoides is blue fingers. The powder blue leaves carpet an area, providing a colorful contrast to the succulents with dark green foliage.

How about these brilliant yellow flowers lighting up the room like rays of sunshine? Don’t forget your sunglasses – you may need them.

Hang in there. It won’t be long until you can garden with me!





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