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Comfort in the Garden – A Poem

Swallowtail Butterfly

The garden is a place of comfort
A place where gardeners go.
Some pick up shovels ready to plant
Anxious to help something grow.

When I am sad, I head to the garden
But not with a shovel in hand.
Instead, I reach for my garden knife
Fiskars, if you wondered what brand.

I plop down on my backside by a big patch of weeds
Creeping Charlie, nutsedge and more
Chickweed, dandelions, purslane and clover
And thistles that make my hands sore.


I pull and I dig as tears fall down
Weeds no match for a broken heart.
Each section of garden looks better and better
As the weeds pile up in the cart.

The neighbors must think that I look pretty funny
As I scoot along on my behind.
Because my old knees no longer squat
New ways to garden I must find.

Because life changes and we all must adapt
Finding new ways to get important things done.
Like scooting on your backside to weed in the garden
Can being a long-distance grandma be fun?

This has been a long way to share the sad news
Two of my grandboys are moving today.
San Antonio is so far from Chicago.
Some people say, “It’s only a plane ride away.”

But after every Friday of us all spending the day
Since Jack was born more than four years ago
I am not sure how I’ll survive with him so far away.
It is just so hard to let go.

As my daughter and her husband follow their path
I wish them a world of love and of joy
I hope that all of their dreams come true
In their new home I’m sure they’ll enjoy.

My garden is here to lend comfort to me
And here to just be a friend.
The flowers and butterflies, and even the weeds
Are all here to help my heart mend.

So life, as it does, is changing today
And if I tried to see the bright side,
I’d see a beautiful weed-free garden
And buy tickets for a plane ride.

I hope you all find comfort in your garden, too. Garden with me!

11 thoughts on “Comfort in the Garden – A Poem

  1. Oh Diana, I know how much you love those little boys. Good things never last but your gardens will always be there. Sending you love today.

    1. Thanks, Ginny. I know life will be different, but we will make it work with lots of air miles. Maybe I’ll set some sort of record! Thanks for your love – I feel it. We should get together for dinner soon, right?

  2. A nice poem. I am sorry for your loss. I say this because I know that is how you feel. It will be ok as long as you have your garden to comfort you.

    1. Thanks, Lisa. I know we will all be okay. It just hurts now while our family finds a new ‘normal’. Love conquers all, and in the meantime, my garden will help.

  3. Gardens are like old friends that we always come back to – that we know will be there when we are distracted by something else for awhile. Not too many things in life fulfill you as much as a well-tended garden. It’s more than a hobby. It is so personal, and it is living, growing, always-changing.

    I know you are heartbroken at the thought of not having your daughter and family close by you anymore. Frequent flying just isn’t the same as being able to drop in during the week sometime. Things change, though – children have to go where the jobs are. I would think this move will be quite a switch-up in climate and culture. My best wishes for them!

    1. Yes, Lara, we are very proud of them and know they are off on a great adventure. We will all be fine – it will just take some adjusting. And in the meantime, I will be spending a lot of time in the garden (and on a plane)!

  4. My daughter and her son’s are preparing to move by summers end. I too am going through withdrawal after watching them grow for the past two years.
    I do truly understand!

  5. I love this…my garden is the way I connect with the people I love the most. My daughter and her daughter, new baby and husband are moving to India for 2 years. I am happy for the adventure and great direction that life is taking them, but sadden they will no longer be skipping through my garden. Loved the post…

    1. Wow, 2 years? At least I can take a 3-hour plane ride to see my grandboys. I’m sorry your family will be so far away. Will you be able to visit at all? ::Hugs::

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