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Easy Fall Wreath Project


Mother Nature provides plenty of materials for us to use while decorating our homes and gardens for fall. In thirty minutes last night, I collected spent flowers and seed heads from my yard and made a fall wreath for my front door. Here is how I did it.


I purchased a birch wreath. You could certainly make this too, but I chose the quick and easy route and bought one ready to decorate.


With pruners in hand, I headed out to the gardens. I collected whatever was nearby, but making sure to gather items with varying shapes, sizes and textures. I cut juniper tips with blue berries to match the color of my front door, two kinds of seed heads from ornamental grasses, some spent flowers of Sedum ‘Matrona’, and some hydrangea flowers.


I began by wiring the juniper to the top of the wreath.


Next, the grasses were affixed. I wired together bundles to avoid sticking each stem in individually. (I have neither the time nor the patience for that.) I wired the seed heads of the switch grass first.


Then the seed heads of the maiden grass were attached. I left long stems on these so they would also add interest to the bottom of the wreath.



The sedums came next. Their stiff stems were easy to poke through the wreath – no wiring was required.


The wreath was just about finished. Now what to do for a bow? I could have used ribbon, but decided on using hydrangeas flowers to create a natural bow for the wreath.


All done! Wasn’t that quick and easy?


I just had to wait until the next morning to hang it on the front door.

Take a walk through your landscape looking for natural items you can use in your own fall decorating. You can’t go wrong – everything is so beautiful. Garden with me!


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