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Front Porch Winter Decorating

I love the change of seasons. Each one holds magic of its own – the promise of new beginnings in spring; the abundance of flowers, foliage, fruits and vegetables in summer; the dramatic colors of fall; and the sparkle of snow in winter. And with each season comes a new opportunity to welcome guests to my home with seasonal decor.

With Thanksgiving behind us, it is time to decorate for winter. I prefer to keep my decor ‘wintery’ instead of holiday-themed so it is appropriate until it is redecorated for spring. Here’s how I decorated my front porch for the winter.

I began with the pot by my front door. If you missed the post showing its creation step by step or just want to read it again, here it is.

Following the same design principles, I planted the window boxes to coordinate. Balsam, yew, juniper and red huckleberry are the natural elements; artificial picks include ivy, viburnum flowers, berries and pomegranates.

I purchased a 24-inch noble fir wreath and added some of the same embellishments used in the containers. A simple red ribbon wound through the wreath added a touch of color throughout.

This sweet little girl remains on the porch for all seasons, her bowl filled with seasonal treats. In winter, she offers fresh winterberries.

See how the wreath and container by the front door coordinate?

Next, I set my sights on the plant stand that held window boxes overflowing with ferns from late spring to early fall. I hit the easy button this year to decorate it. I just laid the leftover boughs on each level…

…and then added some pine cones collected from the backyard.

I created another container using the same greens and some of the same artificial picks.

I tried something different with my vintage wooden crate. I set a chocolate-colored terra cotta pot inside and filled it with red huckleberry, berries and two pomegranates and then inserted yew, juniper and red huckleberry branches beside it. I think I like it – what do you think?

Finishing touches included a buffalo plaid blanket tossed across the arm of the wicker bench and a red bow woven through the back of the wicker chair.

Here’s the view from the wicker chair that I wish I had time to sit in more often.

With the front porch decorated for the winter, my house is ready to welcome guests for the holidays and long after.  Decorate with me!

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