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Garden Bloggers Fling – A Glimpse

Garden walks are awesome! We learn so much from observing how other gardeners garden. We discover new plants we just have to grow in our own gardens, original ways to combine flowers and foliage, innovative methods of growing, and fresh ideas on displaying garden décor. We may even find a solution to one of our own landscaping problems like handling rainwater run-off or hiding ugly views.

One of the best things about garden walks is no two gardens are alike. They may be on sloped properties or they may be flat. Their plants might bask in sunlight or their plants might chill out in shade. Garden designs may energize or garden designs may soothe. There are as many types of gardens as there are gardeners.

Sharing garden walks with another gardener makes the experience even better. For many years, my mom and I used to go on a couple of garden walks each summer. It was before cars spoke to their drivers, guiding them to their destinations, and both of us lacked map-reading skills. We would inevitably end up turned around, debating who got us lost and laughing at ourselves until we cried. Despite our directional deficiencies, we spent many glorious afternoons admiring the creativity and artistry of other gardeners.

I just got home last evening from the Garden Bloggers Fling – a garden walk on steroids! We toured ten private gardens, a farm in the middle of a subdivision, a winery, an amazing upscale garden center, and six public gardens, all in three and a half days.

I can’t wait to share the many fascinating stories and beautiful gardens, but it will take some time to go through the thousands of photos and pages of notes. To grow your anticipation, here’s a photo or two from each garden and a hint of what’s the come.

At a reception at Willowsford Farm, Ben and Not Ben welcomed us as we began our tour of the farm smack dab in the middle of a subdivision.


I can’t wait to share the gardens of Marjorie Merriweather Post’s Hillwood Estate.


It had the most spectacular cutting garden I have ever seen!


The gardens of the Smithsonian are a series of 12 gardens along the National Mall.


The Children’s Garden at the US Botanic Garden was one of the best I’ve seen.


The Conservatory boasted brilliant blooms.


The Franciscan Monastery had many areas for quiet contemplation but the gardens in front were loaded with color.


This perfect circle of lawn was the only part of the property not stuffed with flowers and foliage. Barbara Katz is a master at color echoes in the garden.


Garden decor made from natural elements were featured in the garden of Debbie Friedman.


I will never forget the Butterfly Pavilion at Brookside Gardens.


What did Jeff Minnich do with his steeply-sloping backyard? He planted it!


The landscape of Scott Brinitzer was a series of garden rooms. This quiet space offered a view of the formal garden.


Ellen Ash mixed elegance and whimsy in her two acre woodland garden.


Here was just a bit of the whimsy. You can’t wait to see more, right?


The fairy gardens demonstrated the way Peg Bier’s garden has changed as her family has grown.


And even though she proclaims every spring she is not planting all those containers, she does!


The charming garden of Tammy Schmitt was filled with the songs of birds and buzzing of bees.


We were spoiled with lunch and these spectacular views at Stone Tower Winery.


Linda Hostetler’s garden had it all – areas in sun and shade & formal and informal spaces.


Garden decor in brilliant blue led visitors through her garden.


The garden that surrounded Virginia Gardener’s historic home featured different garden areas including this herb garden and the perennial border below.



The new garden of Ed & Pat Peters was packed with native plants. The bees approved!


The Garden Bloggers Fling ended as we explored Meadowlark Gardens.

I promise to get through my photos as soon as possible to share more of these spectacular gardens with you. In the meantime, go on a garden walk in your area and then garden with me!






8 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Fling – A Glimpse

    1. It was so great, Tammy. I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work. If sixth graders get too tough, you should consider a career in event planning! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  1. You certainly have some great teaser pictures there Diana. I look forward to seeing the rest! The whole weekend was such fun. It was nice to meet you at Fling (we chatted in the lobby while waiting for Panera to open one morning).

    1. Thanks, Sue! It was great to meet you, too.
      Of course, I saved the best photos to use with each of the stories of the gardens. Stay tuned…

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