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Gift Certificates for Gardeners

Gardeners love gifts like everyone else. High quality tools and pruners, gift cards to our favorite local garden centers, a statue or piece of décor for the garden and even loads of manure or compost are often wishes whispered in Santa’s ear.

If you have a gardener on your Christmas list and don’t have a boundless budget like Santa (or my husband – hint, hint), here is a great idea for a booklet of 12 gardening gift certificates – one for each month of the year – that only costs the gift of time (and maybe some muscle).

It’s like Christmas all over again when the seed catalogs begin arriving in our mailboxes. Wouldn’t it be great to have an entire afternoon to sit in front of a fire on a January afternoon with a pen and paper surrounded by seed catalogs?

Pruning branches from crabapples is best done in winter. If I had a garden gift certificate like this one, our crabapples would look a lot better and be healthier, too.

Growing plants from seeds has many advantages. First, there is a larger selection of varieties. Next, it saves money. A package of seeds is a couple of dollars compared to several dollars for just one annual or vegetable plant at the garden center. And, of course, growing plants from seeds satisfies the twitching of green thumbs.

Sharp lawnmower blades give grass a clean cut, reducing damage and stress. Gardeners have a wide range of opinions on their lawns. I don’t mind some clover in the lawn for the rabbits to nibble; others may prefer weed-free carpets of green. I must, however, mow in perfectly straight lines and in 4 different patterns – diagonal right, diagonal left, top to bottom and right to left. Don’t judge – we each have our own little obsessions.

I think all gardeners would love to receive this gardening gift certificate. Dare to dream, right? Dare to dream!

I am appreciative for my husband who helps me move mountains of mulch every year. It would be even better if he thanked me for the exercise I help him get, but this may be pushing the limits of his capabilities.

I would love to take a day from our vacation each summer to explore a botanical garden in the area.

I would generally never expect my husband to pull weeds, but it would be great if he would keep an eye out for thistles as he walks through the landscape – just thistles.

Moving tropical plants in before they are bitten by Jack Frost is hard work. The plants are large and the pots are heavy, but the most difficult part of this task is finding a place in our small house for them. I know it is a lot to ask a non-gardener, but what’s so bad about an indoor jungle?

I think this gardening gift certificate is a win-win for the giver. If you think about it, this is really all about saving money. First, glazed pots moved into the shed won’t crack from freezing and thawing (saving money when I don’t have to purchase new ones). Also, with less pots left on the deck, I won’t have as many to fill with lush greens for the winter (saving more money). Hey, maybe this gardening gift certificate is a real gift for the giver!

I usually do this job by myself, but it would be nice to have help – especially with the gushy ones.

Wouldn’t this be an awesome gardening gift certificate? This is the only one that actually requires money, but is Christmastime after all!

I couldn’t have made this any easier for my husband. All he has to do is print out this blog post, cut out the gardening gift certificates and staple them into a booklet.

What do you think? Would you love finding gardening gift certificates like these in your Christmas stocking? Or maybe you have some of your own ideas. Share them and I will try to make sure your Santa hears about them.

Garden with me!


6 thoughts on “Gift Certificates for Gardeners

  1. Diana – Hi – this is Diana Kirby – one of the 3 Austin Fling planners. I love your idea – it’s so creative and the gift certificates you created are beautiful. Looking forward to seeing you again in Austin.

    1. Thanks, Shirley! As far as the May certificate is concerned, I figured it’s Christmas – the time when magical things can happen – so it was worth a shot. LOL!

  2. Oh, these are the BEST gifts ever! In the olden days, you used to leave the Sears catalogue open to a particular page – I wonder if a printout of this post placed on the coffee table would work the same way?? 🙂

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