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Hummingbirds love Black & Blue Salvia

Hummingbird with Salvia 'Black & Blue'

I celebrate the hummingbirds that call my garden home and do whatever I can to entice even more.

If hummingbirds have yet to take up residence in your landscape, roll out the red carpet to attract them. Okay…a carpet may not impress, but there is a plant that will draw them like a magnet.

Salvia 'Black & Blue' Flower Close Up

Hummingbirds prefer tubular-shaped flowers. Although most sources state red blooms are their favorites, I find them enjoying blossoms of all colors. In fact, the hands down favorite of hummingbirds in my garden is Salvia ‘Black & Blue’.

Salvia 'Black and Blue'

It offers them large, nectar rich, dazzling cobalt blue flowers with near black calyces beginning in June and continuing until frost in fall. To maximize the number of blooms, deadhead spent flowers.

Robust plants grow three feet tall and nearly as wide. They can be kept shorter by pruning back stems in late spring. Grow Salvia ‘Black & Blue’ in full sun or light shade. They prefer consistent moisture, but will bounce back from brief periods of drought.

Salvia 'Black & Bloom' - 4

This year, Salvia ‘Black & Bloom’ has been introduced as an improved version. It is promised to grow a bit taller and wider and feature thicker leaves, more and larger flowers and darker stems.

I have planted both and will let the hummingbirds choose their preferred variety.

Do the hummingbirds in your yard have a floral favorite? Share your experiences and garden with me!

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