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Icy Candle Holders

Icy juniper and winterberry candle holders start with containers that hold water. Choose any watertight container that can freeze without breaking. It can be as small or as large as the desired size of the candle holder. Milk and juice cartons are easy to work with and the perfect size for a trio of candle holders for a side table.

The first step is to cut the tops off the cartons at the heights desired. (Leave them a little taller than the size of finished candle holders.)

Next, head out to the garden and clip some juniper and winterberry branches. Add a small piece or two of juniper and some berries in the bottoms of the containers…

…and fill with at least an inch of water. These will form the bases of the candle holders.

Freeze until bases are completely frozen solid.

Find plastic glasses or other containers that fit inside with at least an inch available on all sides to form the walls of the candle holders. Fill the glasses with gravel so they won’t float.

Add more pieces of juniper and winterberries in layers, first berries, then juniper, then more berries, then more junipers and some berries on top. Adding these in layers holds berries throughout the walls and keeps them all from floating to the top. Fill containers with water and…

…freeze until candle holders are frozen solid.

Dump out the gravel and fill glasses with hot water until they pull from of the center of candle holders.

Run hot water on the sides and bottoms of cartons…

…to release candle holders.

Add some battery-operated tea lights.

Put them out on a garden side table and enjoy. Get ready for the holidays with me!


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