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It’s time to evaluate summer container gardens.

Containers - 9

It’s time to assess our container gardens. Jotting down notes now – plants maturing magnificently and those performing poorly, designs that are satisfying and those that disappoint – will keep you from making similar mistakes next year. I’ll share mine if you share yours.

Containers - 1

I am pleased with this grouping. I have already picked a few ripe tomatoes from the dwarf tomato plant and it is loaded with ripening fruit. The nasturtiums are rambunctiously spilling over the edge, and I have cut loads of beet foliage to enjoy in salads.

Containers - 4

I am not satisfied with this collection of containers. The Swiss chard and kale behind the dill did not keep pace with the rest of the plants, and their large leaves were to contribute a strong backdrop. I should have planted another cabbage in front of the other two – odd numbers always create a better design.

Photo Grouping - Veggies & Fruits in Containers

On the bright side, the dill has hosted the miraculous transformation of caterpillar to butterfly. And I have picked blueberries, raspberries, mint and thyme while eggplants, onions, tomatoes and carrots continue to grow.

Containers - 7

The kohlrabies were harvested from this pot, so broccoli, basil and sage were planted to take their space.

Containers - 8

The purple pots by the front door have filled in nicely. The lavender impatiens are blooming machines – no signs of downy mildew yet. The Swiss chard is the backbone of the planting; the foliage of the Rex begonia  adds interest; and the impatiens and sweet potato vine vie for attention.

Purple Raised Garden - July - 2

The raised garden, once ruled by a hosta, is now showing off Rex begonias and impatiens while the sweet potato vines spill to the ground in a riot of chartreuse.

Purple Raised Garden - July - backside

The hosta still dominates the backside of the raised garden and is flanked by coleus.

Ferns on front deck

The ferns have grown beautifully creating a relaxing corner on the front porch. It’s a great place to read or relax with a glass of lemonade at the end of the day.

Window boxes

The window boxes are my favorite. The plants have grown even better than anticipated, and the colors and textures are fabulous (if I do say so myself).

How are your containers doing? Has summer heat enhanced their flowers and foliage or has it toasted them? Grab your camera and garden journal, head out to the garden, and evaluate your containers. Share your successes (or not so successes) and garden with me!









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