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January 4 is National Trivia Day

A day celebrated for trivia? Why not? It’s the perfect excuse to share some random facts about plants, hummingbirds and the benefits of gardening. Enjoy!

Hummingbird Trivia

  • Hummingbirds breathe up to 250 times each minute.
  • Hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly backwards.
  • The nests of hummingbirds are the size of a half dollar.
  • Hummingbirds cannot smell, but have keen eyesight.
  • Unless they are in captivity, hummingbirds are not found in Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia or Europe. Aren’t we lucky here in the U.S.?

Vegetable Trivia

  • Tomatoes are even better for you after they are cooked.
  • Green beans have more antioxidants than peas.
  • The first carrots came from Afghanistan and were purple.
  • Thomas Jefferson grew 15 different kinds of lettuce at Monticello.
  • The original Mr. Potato Head toy included plastic eyes, ears, noses, mouths and hats to insert into a real potato. Twelve years later, in 1964, a plastic potato was added to the toy.

Benefits of Gardening Trivia

  • Planting seedlings burns 322 calories per hour; watering plants burns 108 calories per hour.
  • Children who play in the dirt have healthier immune systems.
  • Children diagnosed with ADHD have fewer symptoms if they spend time playing outside.
  • Employees who work in offices with plants or have a view of nature through windows are more productive and take less sick days.
  • Surgical patients experience less pain and heal faster if they have a view of trees.

Miscellaneous Gardening Trivia

  • Larrea tridentate, or the creosote plant, is reportedly the oldest living tree at nearly 12,000 years old.
  • The earliest evidence of agriculture dates back to 9,000 BC in the Near East and North Africa.
  • The wheelbarrow was invented in 231 AD by a Chinese general to help his troops move supplies through muddy conditions.
  • The first greenhouse was built in 1619 to protect orange trees at Heidelberg Castle in Germany by Salomon de Cause.
  • Hydrangea arborescens ‘Annabelle’ is named for the town where the first collected plants were grown in 1910 by Harriet Kirkpatrick.

Do you have a random fact about gardening? Share it.

Garden with me! (One more truly trivial tidbit of trivia today: this is the 224th time I’ve added this phrase to a blog post.)

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