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Master Gardener Idea Garden Open House on August 16

Red, White and Blue Combo - Blog Post

If you need ideas for your landscape, head out to the University of Illinois Extension Kane County Master Gardener Idea Garden during their Open House on Tuesday, August 16 from 9 to 11 a.m. The garden is located at the corner of Peck Road and Route 38 in St. Charles.

I attended their Open House in July and was given a tour of the gardens by Master Gardener intern Karen Matthews. She showed me each of the gardens and introduced me to the master gardeners who created them.

Cut Flower Bouquets - Blog Post

A cutting garden displayed annuals ideal for arrangements. Charming bouquets were arranged from flowers cut from the garden just before the Open House.

Bee Garden - Blog Photo

Another master gardener intern shared her passion for creating habitats for bees in her idea garden.

Bee Photos - Blog Post

Her bee watering station and home for ground dwelling bees, made from re-purposed materials, were nestled among bee-loving blooms. The zinnias were covered with buds in July; at the August Open House, they should be festooned with flowers.

Country Gardens - Blog Post

If you thought potatoes originated in Idaho, you’d better check out the garden named Around the World with Plants.

Country Gardens - Diagram - Blog Post

This unique garden required some creative planning. The oceans were created with a blue tarp, the continents formed by cutting out their shapes in the tarp, and the plants planted in the lands from where they originated. It will be interesting to see if the pumpkin vines have taken over North America during the rain and heat of July.

Color Combos Garden - Blog Post

Find your favorite color palette in this garden overflowing with vibrant hues.

Color Combos Garden - Blue Flowers - Blog Post

I loved this blend of blue-flowering annuals.

Victory Garden - Blog Post

A victory garden demonstrated the vegetables grown during World War II when citizens were encouraged to grow their own produce.

Victory Garden - Vegetables - Blog Post

Vegetables, harvested early in the morning from the victory garden, were on display.

Pink and White Color Combo

Among the rest of the idea gardens were experimental gardens growing pumpkins in small spaces and tomatoes grown from seeds saved from plants started from seeds that traveled on a NASA mission, an herb garden for pollinators, a shrub garden, container gardens, and more.

The Master Gardener Idea Garden is a project planned, planted and maintained by master gardener interns – folks who have completed the education portion of their training but are still completing their first year of service hours. Richard Hentschel, Horticulture Educator and Sarah Fellerer, Master Gardener Program Coordinator oversee the project.

The primary objective of the Master Gardener program is to share information with others about good landscape and gardening practices. As a Kane County master gardener for fifteen years, I am very proud of this impressive example of our mission.

Learn more about their gardens during the Open House on August 16 from 9 to 11 a.m. and then garden with me!














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