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Plant your window boxes for spring.

Final Windowbox - Side View

Our window boxes no longer have to sit woefully empty.  Announce spring has arrived at your home by planting pansies, violas and other cool season plants in your window boxes. It’s easy. I planted mine a couple days ago.

Empty Window Box

Here is one of my empty window boxes. (A new paint job is in order. Maybe I’ll get to that before planting for summer.)

Fill boxes with fresh soil.

The first thing I did was fill them with premium potting mix. Window boxes are shallow so I believe it is better to use fresh potting mix every year. If you are re-using your potting mix, make sure it is well worked so new plant roots can move through easily.

Lay out design before planting.

I laid out the design before planting.  With plants still in their pots, it’s easy to experiment with different arrangements without damaging plants.

Loosen roots before planting.

Before popping plants in the soil, the roots were loosened so they’ll have an easier time reaching out into their new home.

Remove spent and near-spent flowers.

The hardest part came after all plants had been planted. I pruned off many of the flowers – spent flowers and those barely past their prime. Now, the plants can use their energy establishing roots and making new flowers instead of squandering it producing seeds.

Water plants thoroughly.

I added tinted pussy willow branches to give more height to the center of the window box while waiting for the snapdragons to grow, and then watered all plants in thoroughly.

Final Windowbox

My window boxes may not look like much now, but in a couple weeks, the snapdragons will be the highest points and the lettuce will bulk up, beacons of lime green among purple violas and yellow pansies.

Have you planted your window boxes yet? Share your photos. Garden with me!

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