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Plant your window boxes for summer.

Finished windowbox - Blog Post

Now that Memorial Day is behind us, it’s time to revamp our window boxes. It’s time to plant them with summer-loving flowers and foliage.

Remove spring-blooming plants. Replenish with potting mix and water in. - Blog Post

Begin by removing cool-season pansies and other plants that bloomed on bravely through light frosts and cold nights. They will quickly fizzle when summer’s heat kicks in. Replenish window boxes with potting mix and water it down.

Arranging plants still in their pots makes it easy to try different combinations. - Blog Post

Set plants, still in their pots, in their proposed places. Arranging while plants are still in their pots makes it easy to do some mind-changing. I’m planting Cyperus ‘Baby Tut’, Coleus ‘Alligator Tears’, Boston fern, Jurassic rex begonia, an alternanthera and Vinca major ‘Aureus’. These were all chosen for their colorful and textural foliage. For a floral punch, I chose Browalia ‘Blue Bells’ and Impatiens ‘Super Elfin Blue Pearl’.

Loosen the roots before planting. - Blog Post

Start planting. Always loosen the roots of plants before gently, but firmly, pressing plants into the potting mix.

Start planting. Height is off center. - Blog Post

Don’t be afraid to try something different. Consider positioning the height off center. Use some plants you’ve never grown before.

Water plants thoroughly. - Blog Post

When all plants are tucked in, water them in thoroughly.

Finished windowbox - Blog Post

Stand back and appreciate your work. I’ve shared my window boxes with you, now you share yours with me. Post photos – I would love to see them. Garden with me!



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