Garden Musings

Rain in the Garden

Raindrops on Aquilegia alpina

It’s my day off and it’s raining. I wish I could be outside, weeding and planting. It would be easy to let my mood fall like the raindrops outside, but instead I’ll appreciate the beauty and purpose of rain in the garden.

Raindrops on Lettuce

Rain provides the medium in which nutrients travel through plants. As soil soaks up water, nutrients are made available. Plant roots absorb and transport nourishment throughout the plant.

Raindrops on Phlox subulata

Rainwater helps a plant stand up straight. Hydrated plant cells are strong. Without enough water, plants cannot support their own weight and wilt.

Raindrops on Hostas

Water moving through a plant helps it maintain the correct temperature. As water evaporates from the surface of leaves, the plant is stimulated to pull more water from the soil and throughout the plant – a circulating cooling system right inside the plant.

Raindrops on Euphorbia polychroma

Water is also required for the process of photosynthesis. Plant need water, sunlight and carbon dioxide to make food for themselves and oxygen for us to breathe.

Raindrops on Heuchera

I guess I’ll get outside in between raindrops and marvel at the beauty and purpose of rain in the garden. Garden with me!

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