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Raised Garden & Garden Planter/Bar Project

Garden Bar & Raised Garden Project

My very generous friend, Shawna Coronado, is moving in several months and starting to prepare for the move by gifting some of the things she will be unable to take with her.  When my husband and I borrowed my brother-in-law’s truck a few weeks ago to pick up some awesome purple chairs for the garden, I had no idea we would come home with a raised garden box and a garden planter/bar.

As my husband started loading the chairs, Shawna reported she had something else for me, if I wanted it, and showed me the garden planter/bar. If I wanted it? Are you kidding? I grow a lot of vegetables on one of our decks and knew I could put this to good use. And then, with a wave of her arm Shawna said, “And take this matching raised garden, too.”

My husband just shook his head as he saw my eyes light up and, without a word, started unloading and reloading the chairs to make room for more treasures.

I planned to put them in this spot. This is what the area looked like early last summer. If you look closely you will see the chartreuse raised garden boxes. Plastic pots with playful patterns of bright blue and chartreuse were chosen because they tied the chartreuse boxes together with all the cobalt blue glazed pots on the rest of the deck.

Garden Bar & Raised Garden Project

If you promise not to judge me for the messy garage, I will show you how I turned these very nice, natural pieces into super spectacular and oh-so-colorful cobalt blue and chartreuse planters for my deck.

Garden Bar & Raised Garden Project

I decided a simple stripe pattern would be best on objects this large and taped totally random spaced and sized rows. The only planned stripes were the ones that ran across the middle of both planters so they would form a continuous line when viewing both pieces together.

Note: The success of painting projects is determined by the taping. I always use good quality painters tape and get a little obsessive about straight lines.

Chartreuse Paint

Look at this gorgeous chartreuse paint!

Garden Bar & Raised Garden Project

After the chartreuse lines were painted and the paint was dry, I removed the tape. Pretty nice lines, right? Then I taped again for the remaining rows and painted them with brilliant blue paint to match my cobalt blue pots. I also painted the bar top solid blue.

Garden Bar & Raised Garden Project

When all the paint was dry and all the tape was removed, voila!

Garden Bar & Raised Garden Project

Here they are in place on the deck before the bar top was re-installed, landscape fabric was stapled to the sides and bottoms of the planting boxes, soil was added, and plants planted.

Garden Bar & Raised Garden Project

Here’s the finished project – plants and all. The raised garden planter/bar is planted with peppers, tomatoes, basil and parsley. In the square blue glazed pot, broccoli, cucumbers and dill are growing. The pot behind holds several varieties of peas. And strawberry plants fill the raised garden box. Yellow marigolds are sprinkled throughout for color. As you can see, the bar top can be left down if more room on the deck is needed.

Garden Bar & Raised Garden Project

But this is how they will look most of the time. Imagine bellying up to the bar, picking a fresh pepper or tomato, plucking a few leaves of basil to drop into a glass of lemonade, and enjoying some time with a friend. This time next year, I will be sitting here chatting on the phone with my friend, Shawna, about the weather in Phoenix.

Have you brought new life to garden planters? Share your projects. Garden with me!

Note: Shawna Coronado and I have been friends for many years, and I can’t wait to visit Phoenix gardens with her in the future. If you would like to get to know her better (and you should), visit her website. She is also the author of several books:

15 thoughts on “Raised Garden & Garden Planter/Bar Project

  1. This looks amazing. I used these colors on my screened porch as well and is looks so in tune with the season.
    Did you run out of room for your beloved kohlrabi in those pretty planters???
    Every single day, I miss your upbeat spirit.

    1. Hi Ginny! First, let me tell you how much I miss seeing your face every day, too. My June calendar is really full, but let’s get together in July, okay?

      The kohlrabi were already growing in other planters and I didn’t want to transplant them because they are only a week or so away from harvesting. I would NEVER be without my beloved kohlrabi – LOL!

      Love and miss you,

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