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Resolutions for the Garden

I think most of us fail to keep our New Year resolutions because we resolve to do things we think we should do like organize our closets or exercise an hour every day. Unless our reason for getting up every morning is having a clean house or being on the cover of Fitness magazine, there is little motivation to keep resolutions like these. Knowing what we really want from life is essential to making resolutions that we may actually keep.

Sharing my passion for gardening, partnering people with plants, and living an earth-friendly lifestyle are the reasons I put my feet on the floor every morning, and my resolutions for 2017 reflect what I want to accomplish.

Eat something from the garden every day.
Lisa Hilgenberg, my friend and manager of the Fruit & Vegetable Garden at Chicago Botanic Garden, gets the credit for this one. During one of my trips to CBG last summer, she expressed her wish for everyone to do this. It sounds good to me.

Grow at least five varieties of vegetables never grown before.
If I am going to eat something from the garden every day, I’d better have some new things to try. And it’s always fun to grow new things.

Start more flowers and vegetables from seed.
Besides saving money, it will give me a broader selection of varieties. Other advantages include the reward of growing something from germination to harvest, and it is a great way to exercise my green thumbs in winter.

Spend less on the garden.
This may seem contrary, and will not be popular with the garden center where I work, but I spend a lot of money – on everything. Growing more plants from seed is a good way to start saving money. Discovering flea market and garage sale finds to upcycle into containers and garden décor is another money saving opportunity.

Visit at least one public or private garden every month.
This 2016 resolution is worthy of a repeat. Experiencing other gardens is inspiring and energizing. There are so many plants to discover, ideas to glean, and fascinating gardeners to meet. In the winter, stroll through conservatories with superb collections of plants under ceilings of glass. During the growing season, public and private gardens offer a wealth of new ideas for plant combinations, design styles and methods of gardening.

These are my garden resolutions for 2017. Share your resolutions for the New Year and garden with me!




2 thoughts on “Resolutions for the Garden

  1. Setting gardening resolutions is such a perfect thing to do this time of year when it’s only a wish and a dream.

    We will be moving into a new house in June…hopefully. My resolutions definitely include as many butterfly and bee friendly plants as possible. We will also be adding another pond next year because the water brings so many wonderful creatures to the garden.

    I want to try some different plants. We had quite a few Knock Out Roses at our last house but there’s a disease that is killing all of them. Will have to come up with a great alternative that is beautiful but easy to care for. 🙂

    1. How exciting – a move to a new house. I’m glad to hear you are planning for the bees and butterflies! We have a pond, too. The birds have everything they need in my yard for the winter: evergreens and shrubs for shelter and protection, my always-filled bird feeders (not to mention seed heads and berries on plants), and water from the pond. They keep me entertained all winter. I can’t wait to hear more about your move!

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