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Spring, Finally! – A Poem

Being back in the garden after a crazy long winter inspired this poem. I hope you enjoy it.


It came on a Sunday,
On Earth Day no less.
The sun’s rays provided
A gentle caress.

The temps began cool,
But soon started to rise.
The sweatshirt came off
Sleeves on T-shirt pushed high.

Spring, finally!

Chionodoxa lucilae

Green thumbs plunged in soil
And green fingers, too.
Dirt caught under my fingernails
Soil stuck in my shoes.

I planted seedlings of lettuce
And pea seeds in pots.
They grow best when it’s cool
Not as good when it’s hot.

Spring, finally!

Daffoidls & Grape Hyacinths

With pruners in hand
To the border I went
To clean up dead foliage.
That was my intent.

But I noticed some flowers
Pink and white, yellow and blue.
And went in for my camera
To capture the view.

Spring, finally!


Then back with the pruners
And with bees around buzzing,
Removed remains of last season
To make room for the upcoming.

Fern fronds and hellebore leaves
Went into the bin
To turn into sweet compost
And return to the soil again.

It was a wonderful Earth Day
A day gardeners thrived.
Winter refused to go quickly
But we did it – we survived.

Spring, finally!

Garden with me!

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