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Spring Window Boxes

With Easter just around the corner, it was time to get my window boxes planted for spring. Here’s how I planted them step by step.

If you followed the plantings of my window boxes last year, you might remember re-painting them was on my list of things to do. Well, it’s back on this year’s list. Maybe I will have time to give them a fresh coat of paint before their summer planting.

I filled the boxes with a light potting mix and watered it in. I moistened the soil before planting so I wouldn’t have to water over the tops of flowers and foliage once planted.

I played with the plants on the front porch, experimenting with different designs, until I was satisfied with this planting scheme.

I loosened the roots on each plant before planting.

Starting with the kale in the center, I worked my way toward both edges.

The kale will quickly grow to be the tallest plant in the center of the design; the stock will bloom soon; and it won’t be long before I will be harvesting lettuce leaves for salads.

I liked the combination of plants in the window box, but I wanted to try something different this year, something to make my window boxes unique, something to wow the neighbors passing by.

I inserted a pussy willow branch in each corner of the window box and two more across the front. I pulled the tops together in the center and secured them with a rubber band.

If the pussy willow branches seem a little tall, remember…the plants have some growing to do.

A simple bow was fashioned from purple mesh ribbon.

Use a little imagination to fast forward a couple weeks when the kale and stock have grown taller, the lettuce has filled out, the alyssum is trailing over the edge, and the violas and ranunculus are loaded with colorful blooms. Pretty, right? Time will tell.

Garden out of your comfort zone this spring and try something new when planting your own window boxes or containers. Get out there and garden with me!






6 thoughts on “Spring Window Boxes

    1. Thanks, Kim. I had seen something similar done in urns before but never in a rectangular window box and I thought I would give it a try. And you are right, they probably will root but I am not sure where I would plant 12 more (6 each in two boxes) pussy willows – LOL!

    1. Thanks, Michelle. It would probably work with other types of branches too, but pussy willows are especially charming.

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