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Growing Lettuce is Easy

Lettuce is one of the first vegetables we can plant outdoors in spring. It shrugs off light frosts, although growing temperatures between 45 and 75° are preferred. I’ll be planting lettuce outside next week. Plant lettuce in loose, well-drained soil that has been amended with compost. Mix in high-nitrogen fertilizer like blood meal. Plant seeds… Continue reading Growing Lettuce is Easy

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2017 Garden Reflections

The final days of a calendar year invite reflection. As I was beginning to make plans and set goals for my landscape in 2018, I spent some time reviewing the past season by organizing plant labels and garden center receipts, reading entries in my garden journal, and looking through all of the photographs taken of… Continue reading 2017 Garden Reflections

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Check out my cool-season vegetable garden!

Fruits and vegetables have been growing in containers on our deck since early April. We’ve been enjoying romaine and butterhead lettuce in salads and on burgers for a month, and the rest of the cool-season vegetables are growing beautifully. Check them out. The heads of broccoli and cauliflower are beginning to form. Isn’t this the… Continue reading Check out my cool-season vegetable garden!

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Walk through my Spring Landscape

A couple days ago, I sat on my front porch looking out over a pot filled with Antique Shades pansies and breathed in the heavenly fragrance of the Judd viburnum right behind. I marveled at the beauty of the crabapple’s dark pink buds beginning to open, revealing pristine white flowers. I decided to walk through… Continue reading Walk through my Spring Landscape

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Vegetables add pizzazz to spring containers.

When planning spring container gardens and window boxes, flowers are often considered first. There is certainly nothing surprising about that. After long gray winters, the cool-season annuals are irresistible. Alyssum, diascia, nemesia, pansies, snapdragons, stock and violas practically jump onto carts at local garden centers. Go ahead, choose flowers first. Immerse yourself in the colors… Continue reading Vegetables add pizzazz to spring containers.