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Garden Bloggers Fling – A Glimpse

Garden walks are awesome! We learn so much from observing how other gardeners garden. We discover new plants we just have to grow in our own gardens, original ways to combine flowers and foliage, innovative methods of growing, and fresh ideas on displaying garden décor. We may even find a solution to one of our… Continue reading Garden Bloggers Fling – A Glimpse


Columbines may look delicate, but they are tough!

It won’t be long before columbines will be blooming in my garden again. They start to bloom just in time to nourish returning hummingbirds famished from their long journey back to my garden. Botanically named Aquilegia, there is no mistaking columbines. Distinctive, spurred, bell-shaped flowers in a wide range of colors from soft, pleasing pastels… Continue reading Columbines may look delicate, but they are tough!


Plant Delphiniums in 2016.

The National Garden Bureau has proclaimed 2016 the Year of the Delphinium. Grown for its glorious spikes jam-packed with flowers, this elegant perennial reigns as queen of the perennial border. There are dwarf varieties like Dasante Blue that grow about two feet tall, mid-size cultivars like Double Innocence that reach up to four feet, and… Continue reading Plant Delphiniums in 2016.


Plant love, passion and romance!

In honor of St. Valentine, here are some of my favorite plants named for love, passion and romance. Dianthus ‘Angel of Desire’ Pinks are garden classics suitable for rock gardens, cottage gardens, edging a perennial border, and container gardens. They are compact plants that form tufts of evergreen blue-green foliage attractive in the garden year… Continue reading Plant love, passion and romance!


Check perennials for frost heaving.

Later this week several days of snow-melting temperatures are in the forecast in the Midwest. Take advantage of this opportunity to check the perennials in your garden for frost heaving. Frost heaving is caused by repeated periods of freezing and thawing temperatures. With each freeze the water in the soil expands; with each thaw it… Continue reading Check perennials for frost heaving.