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2017 Garden Reflections

The final days of a calendar year invite reflection. As I was beginning to make plans and set goals for my landscape in 2018, I spent some time reviewing the past season by organizing plant labels and garden center receipts, reading entries in my garden journal, and looking through all of the photographs taken of… Continue reading 2017 Garden Reflections


Virginia bluebells announce arrival of spring!

Heralding the arrival of spring are the bell-shaped flowers of Virginia bluebells. Native to most of central and eastern North America, they have painted woodlands sapphire blue in April for hundreds of years. In Thomas Jefferson’s Garden Book 1766 – 1824, Jefferson writes of “bluish colored, funnel-formed flowers in lowgrounds in bloom.” Mertensia virginica, commonly… Continue reading Virginia bluebells announce arrival of spring!

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Photos of Spring help Gardeners endure Winter

If you are like me, you begin to feel winter weary as we near the end of January. We are growing tired of cold, dreary days and the thought of suffering through another month (or more) of winter depresses us. We keep our green thumbs busy with some indoor gardening. Seed catalogs, amaryllis and other… Continue reading Photos of Spring help Gardeners endure Winter

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Take a walk through the spring garden.

You have to pay attention in spring. Bouts of unseasonably warm temperatures and spring rains urge blooms to pop up from the garden floor, buds to brighten on the branches of trees, and bulbs to burst into color. If you aren’t careful, you might miss some exquisite spring miracles. Take a walk with me through… Continue reading Take a walk through the spring garden.