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Take a very early spring walk through my landscape.

The flower of Galanthus nivalis unfurls petal by petal.

Although we may still have some winter-like days ahead, spring seems to be arriving early this year. I took a walk through my gardens to see what the warmer temperatures have encouraged, and I was pleased to see signs of spring everywhere. Let’s take a walk together.

Crocus are emerging in the rock garden.

In the rock garden, crocus foliage is emerging. There are still evergreen boughs covering perennials planted last fall to prevent them from frost heaving. It’s about time to remove them.

A few crocus bulbs planted many years ago has naturalized into a large clump.

A handful of crocus bulbs planted many years ago has multiplied into a large clump.

Galanthus nivalis is always the first to bloom in my garden.

Galanthus nivalis, commonly called snowdrops, are always the first bulbs to bloom.

You have to get on your knees to see the delightful green throats of snowdrops.

It’s well worth getting on your knees to peek at their lovely green throats.

Pussy willows are sporting their furry catkins.

Trees and shrubs are showing signs of spring too. Pussy willows are showing off their furry catkins.

Fuzzy magnolia buds are swelling.

Fuzzy magnolia buds are swelling.

The witchhazel is proudly displaying its spidery blooms.

The witch hazel is displaying its spidery blooms.

The rosettes of Sedum 'Atumn Joy' are delightful.

The rosettes of Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ are charming, aren’t they? It’s time to remove last year’s flower stems.

There aren't flowers yet, but lots of new growth on hellebores.

My hellebores aren’t flowering yet, but they are growing. It’s time to cut back winter-worn leaves.

The robins have left a few blue berries on junipers.

My blue-berried junipers were so loaded with berries last fall, the robins still have some to eat until worms are readily available again.

I hope you enjoyed this walk through my landscape. What’s growing in yours? It won’t be long until we can be out planting again. Garden with me!

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