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Take a walk through the early summer garden.

Even though the weeds are winning the war in my landscape, I take a few moments every day to walk through my landscape enjoying fresh blooms, plant combinations that work, and vignettes I got right. Why don’t you walk along with me today?

Salvia 'Black & Blue'

The hummingbirds are as happy as I am that Salvia ‘Black & Blue’ started blooming.

Strawberries in bloom, Peas climbing up trellis

These blossoms will become sweet and juicy strawberries while pea vines wind their way up an obelisk.


Tradescantia flowers bloom in periwinkle – my favorite color.

Athyrium 'Branford Beauty'

The silvery fronds of Athyrium ‘Branford Beauty’ reach out in all directions.

Baptisia australis - 2

Baptisia australis continues to bloom.

Aralia 'Sun King'

One of my favorite perennials, Aralia ‘Sun King’, has already grown to hefty proportions.

Hibiscus 'Little Zin' - 2

Hibiscus ‘Little Zin’ is a new annual hibiscus I planted for its fabulous burgundy foliage.

Hosta Grouping

A grouping of hostas contribute color to the border without a single flower.

Deck with fallen blossoms

The petals dropping from spent flowers of Viburnum ‘Blue Muffin’ create a carpet of white on the deck.

Containers behind Loveseat on FR Deck

The over-the-railing planters are filling in nicely.

I hope you enjoyed the walk through my early summer landscape. Now I better get out there and wage war on those weeds. Garden with me!








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