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Take a walk through the spring garden.

Pulmonaria longifolia has been blooming for several weeks.

You have to pay attention in spring. Bouts of unseasonably warm temperatures and spring rains urge blooms to pop up from the garden floor, buds to brighten on the branches of trees, and bulbs to burst into color. If you aren’t careful, you might miss some exquisite spring miracles.

Take a walk with me through my spring landscape.

Daffodil are at their peak - 2

The daffodils are at their peak.

The daffodils are spectacular. I especially love the doubles and large-cupped varieties.

The flowers of Fothergilla appear before the foliage.

The unique white flowers of a Fothergilla appear before the foliage.

You have to get on your knees to fully appreciate the blooms of Epimedium rubrum.

You have to get down on your knees to revel in the fascinating flowers of Epimedium rubrum.

The Virginia bluebells are still blooming beautifully blue.

The Virginia bluebells have been painting the shade garden blue for a couple weeks. The hostas growing alongside will fill the space left behind when they ease into dormancy in summer.

I can't wait until Tulip 'Weber's Parrot' opens completely. It will be spectacular!

Tulip ‘Weber’s Parrot’ … enough said.

The samaras of silver maples are much prettier on the tree than they are falling to the ground as helicopters.

The samaras are much prettier on the silver maples than falling to the ground as helicopters.

Viburnum juddii - Flower Buds

Viburnum juddii - Flowers

The deep pink buds of Viburnum juddii open, releasing their delicious fragrance.

Lamium 'Orchid Frost' is beginning to spread out.

Lamium ‘Orchid Frost’ is beginning to carpet the floor of one section of the shade garden.

The buds may be pink, but the flowers of this crabapple open white.

The buds of crabapples are as beautiful as their flowers.

Take a few moments every day to walk through the garden relishing all the joys of spring. You don’t want to miss a single bloom. Thanks for joining me on a walk through my spring garden. Share some of your photos and garden with me!




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