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The Garden of Peg Bier

Peg Bier is a local legend. She may be advanced in years, but she puts much younger gardeners to shame with her very large property. She speaks of her garden lovingly and shares how it has changed over the years to match the needs of her growing family.

A fairy garden demonstrates how the garden continues to evolve now that she has twelve grandchildren who also enjoy the garden.

Her daughter told me she proclaims every spring she is no longer going to plant so many containersā€¦and then always does.

She is a master at grouping containers. And the plants look great, too!

The deck offers a view of the backyard – the perfect place to have a morning cup of coffee and plan the day in theĀ  garden.

The sunken patio offers a private retreat.

There are several seating areas positioned around the property. I doubt if Peg ever sits in any of them.

Paths beckon visitors to take a walk.

The hillside is planted with ferns and other shade loving plants.

This little wedge of lawn beautifully fills a space that was once awkward and is now living garden art.

How cute is this?

Mainly a wooded property, sun peeks through here and there. Flowers and vegetables are planted together in a little patch of sunlight.

One of the roadside edges of the property is baked in sunshine and Peg takes advantage, planting sun-loving perennials for birds, butterflies, bees, and other pollinators.

The bees are happy!

It was such an honor to meet Peg and experience her glorious gardens. Now, when I am out in my garden and begin to feel tired or my knees start to hurt, I think of Peg and her energy and spunk. And then I get back to gardening. Speaking of gardening…garden with me!



4 thoughts on “The Garden of Peg Bier

  1. Thoroughly, enjoyed this post and strolling through Peg’s garden again. I especially loved the sunny roadside garden with all the pollinators.

    1. Me too, Sue. I could see myself sitting down there in the shade on a hot summer day sipping lemonade and reading a good book.

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