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The Garden of Tammy Schmitt

I often think a garden is a reflection of the gardener who created it. Never has this been so true as the garden of Tammy Schmitt. Tammy and her garden are full of energy and fun.

Your walk to the front door sets the tone for the colorful times ahead.

Head around the side of the house and bang! A smile comes across your face and you can’t wait to see the rest of the garden.

A dry creek bed runs across the backyard…

…directing excess rainwater into a rain garden…

…a beautiful rain garden packed with plants for birds, butterflies, bees, and other pollinators.

Not every single inch of Tammy’s garden is sun-drenched. The back, shaded by trees, is planted with shade loving shrubs and perennials.

I just love variegated Solomon’s seal.

The garden is full of Tammy’s personality. I have visited a lot of gardens over the years and have never seen an empty frame on an easel as garden decor. It was perfectly placed – just the touch the empty space under the window needed.

Tammy shows off her creative side in her garden. The arbor made from hardware store parts and the mosaic pot by the front door are just two of her garden decor projects.

Sit back and enjoy more views of Tammy’s garden.

The garden gal offering her heart to the garden seems the perfect symbol for Tammy – someone who is always ready to share love, energy, and friendship (and her garden) with others.  Garden with me!





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