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Top 10 Blog Posts of 2017

This is the time of year we reflect on the previous year and make plans for the year ahead. As I plan my posts for 2018, it is fun to look back to find which ones were the most popular in 2017, the posts that caught your attention more than others. I hope you enjoy another look at these blog posts, the top 10 of 2017.

Most Popular Blog Post of 2017 - #10

I think the reason why My Garden is a Mess was a popular post is because most gardeners can relate to my unwillingness to share my garden with others when it doesn’t seem neat, in bloom or weeded enough.

Most Popular Blog Posts of 2017 - #9

It’s no wonder Heucherella: Best of Heuchera & Tiarella was the 9th most popular post. These perennials offer the best characteristics of both parents – dramatic foliage and impressive flowers – and they are easy to grow.

Most Popular Posts of 2017 - #8

This is the perfect time to revisit the 8th most popular post, Learn the Language of Seed Catalogs. Seed catalogs will start arriving in mailboxes soon, if they haven’t already. If terms like open-pollinated, determinate and fusarium give you a headache, this post is as effective as an aspirin.

Most Popular Posts of 2017 - #6

The 7th most popular post, Taking Cuttings of Annuals, demonstrated how easy it is to take cuttings of annuals like geraniums, coleus and sweet potato vines to grow for next year’s containers.

Most Popular Posts of 2017 - #5

Visiting Buffalo with a consortium of garden writers last summer was an awesome experience. I was inspired by some passionate gardeners and their formal, funky or functional gardens. I am so happy y’all liked Buffalo: A City of Gardeners – the 6th most popular post.

Most Popular Posts of 2017 - #4

I think the Gardens of Chicago Flower & Garden Show came in at #5, because the Chicago Flower & Garden Show gives gardeners some garden love in March when we are all so starved for it. Check out the gardens again. They will satisfy your green thumbs until the next Chicago Flower & Garden Show March 14-18.

Most Popular Posts of 2017 - #4

When I discovered Front Porch Tropical Paradise was the 4th most popular post, I was almost as happy as the design of my front porch made me this past summer. The plants grew beautifully all summer long as shown in Front Porch Tropical Paradise – An Update. I am always so thankful (and a little amazed) when things work out even better than imagined!

Most Popular Posts of 2017 - #3

In the #3 spot, Hummingbirds will be back soon! listed all the things hummingbirds need when they make their way back to our yards in spring. Make them happy and they may just decide to stay all summer.

Most Popular Posts of 2017 - #2

It was no surprise to me that Ball Seed Field Day – 2017 was one of the two most popular posts last year. The Gardens at Ball are a magical blend of flowers and foliage. Take another look.

Most Popular Posts of 2017 - #1

THE most popular post in 2017 was The Garden of Peg Bier. I was blessed to visit the garden of this spunky gardener during the Garden Bloggers Fling in June. Her garden is definitely worth a second look.

Thanks to all of you who read my blog in 2017. I really appreciate all the opens and comments. I can’t wait to share more plants, projects, gardens and gardeners, horticultural events, and my own garden with you in 2018. Garden with me!


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