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Walk through Donna Block’s garden with me.

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Inspiration is all around us. We can be inspired by a friend or colleague, a lecture or television program, a book or even a magazine. I was served a huge portion of inspiration last week when I visited the garden of Donna Block. Her garden is lovely – there’s no doubt about it – but it is so much more than the flowers and the eclectic mix of garden décor. It is the gardener herself that makes this garden so special.

As we strolled through her garden, Donna spoke lovingly about all its treasures – a garden ornament that was a birthday present from a daughter, a barn wood hanging basket made by one of her sons, a silage bucket used on the farm where she grew up, and perennials from her mom’s garden.

These are the things that make a garden personal, a piece of the gardener herself. Take a walk with me through Donna’s garden.

Front Garden

A charming vignette greets all who pass by the front garden.

Birdhouses - Trio

Bird songs fill every corner of the garden as they dart in and out of houses bringing food to their little ones.

Container Garden - Container

Orange Watering Can - Container

Container gardens are featured throughout the property in a variety of interesting containers – some old, some new.


Collections of treasured objects are artfully displayed.

Dream with Tire Planter - Flowers

Around every corner, there is another dazzling display.

And there are the flowers, the glorious flowers, which fill the borders so densely the weeds wouldn’t dare try to grow.

Yarrow & Bee Balm - Flowers

Perennials - 2 - Flowers

Perennials - 1 - Flowers

Phlox - 1 - Flowers

Vignette - 2

This garden can’t help but put a smile on the face of anyone who is lucky enough to experience it. Thanks, Donna, for sharing your garden with me!








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