Gardening is a fun way to reconnect with nature. There’s no greater feeling than watching your plants grow! In this platform, I will share my journey of growing crops and how to keep them plants healthy and strong.

I have been gardening for years now and this is pretty much my hobby. I find joy in sharing with aspiring gardeners my exciting journey so they can also have a great outdoor adventuring.

From vegetables to flowers and herbs, you can join me as I navigate and find out different ways grow, harvest, and cure these plants. I’ll share tips that I have learned over the years on how to care for seeds and how to properly harvest produce.

The world of gardening has so much to offer. You get to learn about the history of some plants and why they are what they are today. I’ll occasionally look into the myths surrounding these plants as well.

You can also find guides on the How-To page. These guides can range from making your seed starting mix to preserving your vegetables and herbs.

Whether you’re just starting with gardening or you’ve been down the rabbit hole for quite a long time, you’ll be able to learn new things here.

Boost your mood or calm your nerves by growing your seed collection and making recipes out of your harvest. Use gardening as a way not only to connect to nature but with your family and your community.

Some of the fruits that I will be planting for this season include:

  • Blueberry
  • Apple (Fuji)
  • Pear (Summercrisp)
  • Pear (Red Bartlett)
  • Lime (Kaffir)
  • Lime (Australian finger)
  • Asian pear (Shinseiki)
  • Asia pea( 20th century)
  • Orange (Moro Blood)
  • Strawberry (Seascape)

I also love to plant vegetables and herbs like the basil.