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Fresh herbs add that oomph to any dish. Unfortunately, they don’t exactly have a long lifespan. Here are three ways you can do so you can enjoy them for a longer period.

Make a Pesto

You can make pesto with any herb. It doesn’t always have to be basil. You can experiment with a combination of herbs that you may fancy adding. If you want true pesto, you can add these herbs to your traditional recipe.

Besides, pesto is versatile. Save it for later so you can add it to your omelets, soups, pasta, and even in your sandwiches.

Turn Them into Ice Cubes

If you love adding herbs to your drinks, turning them into ice cubes is a fun and practical idea. Just put your herbs in an ice cube tray, then add water before freezing them.

Put Them in a Freezer Bag

The simplest method to preserve your favorite herbs is by putting them in a ziplock before rolling them and storing them in the freezer. You can even do this for chopped chives. However, for this, place them in a jar instead.

Always remember that while the flavor will be retained, the texture will most likely not remain. Therefore, avoid adding them as a garnish.


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