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Banana flowers are also known as banana blossoms and, in some areas, the banana heart. This flower looks like a giant purple artichoke and is usually used in South and South-East Asian cuisines. They’re also a good substitute for fish or other meat-based recipes.

Meat alternatives have become more popular lately. The most popular alternative is tofu, but unlike banana blossoms, tofu can increase your uric acid.

Another popular alternative that comes from SouthEast Asia is jackfruit. Unlike jackfruit, banana flowers have a neutral flavor, making them more versatile.

It can be prepared in many ways, too – from banana blossom salads to deep-fried blossoms and blossom soups, making it a star ingredient, especially if you want to lessen your meat consumption.

Watch this video: Eating banana flowers!

If you’re curious about how they are prepared traditionally, just look for the cuisine you’re interested in and type banana blossoms. If you want to try it, there are numerous simple and easy-to-follow recipes that will come in handy. While banana blossoms contain a good amount of fiber and minerals, adding them to your dishes helps to reduce food waste.

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