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One of the challenging things for avocado lovers like me is to know when an avocado on a tree is ripe. Avocados start out looking smooth and get a bright green color. As they mature, their skin turns dark purple, and the texture becomes more pebble-like.

They are different from other types of fruit, though. The longer you leave the avocado on the tree, the richer the flavor will be. Plus, the content of oil will also be higher. But if you leave it for too long, the oil can turn the fruit rancid and fall off the tree on its own.

How to Know When to Pick Avocados

The best time to pick an avocado from the tree is when it is evenly softened. If the fruit is rock hard or rubbery, then it’s not ready yet. Check near the base of the stem as well. An avocado is ripe and ready to pick if it is easy to pull off from the tree.

It is recommendable to leave avocados on the tree until they are ripe. However, please do not leave them for too long as they can easily go bad.


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