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Green garlic is an immature garlic bulb that has not started to divide yet. Also known as baby garlic or spring garlic, the green garlic looks like scallions or leeks. Nonetheless, they’re a different plant. If you’re planning to grow one yourself, you can plant it during spring so you can harvest it during summer.

Here’s a guide on how to plant and harvest green garlic.

1. Plant the Green Garlic

After separating the cloves, plant each in well-draining soil. It should be up to 2 inches deep. The root end should be facing the bottom.

2. Add Mulch and Water Regularly

Green garlic requires moderate watering and should be watered until it’s ready to be harvested. To avoid garlic rust, make sure to water in the morning so it has to dry. Avoid watering overhead.

To conserve moisture, add around 2 or 3 inches of organic mulch. However, make sure that the mulch doesn’t pile up on the stems. If you live near the coast or somewhere humid, plant them farther from each other so there’s more room for air circulation.

3. Harvest in Summer

Depending on when you plant, you can harvest green garlic in two to four months. Typically, you can harvest green garlic from May to July. They’re usually ready 2 to 4 months after being planted.


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