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Arborvitaes: Workhorses in the Landscape

Some plants are not shown the appreciation they deserve. They don’t demand it with flashy flowers or foliage so instead, they are relegated to the backgrounds of our landscapes – workhorses working (or growing). Arborvitaes are a prime example. Some are planted as hedges; others provide privacy. Some create wind blocks; others play a part… Continue reading Arborvitaes: Workhorses in the Landscape

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Rowen White – A Gardener You Should Know

I was invited, along with a small group of other garden bloggers, to a luncheon with Rowen White before she presented the keynote lecture at the Chicago Botanic Garden as a part of their Super Seed Weekend. If you want to be inspired, read on. Rowen White is the director and founder of Sierra Seeds,… Continue reading Rowen White – A Gardener You Should Know

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Winter at Chicago Botanic Garden – A Poem

A walk through the Chicago Botanic Garden is always joyful. My latest stroll inspired a poem. If poetry is not ‘your thing’, I hope you’ll enjoy the photos. The garden is beautiful in winter! A Garden’s Beauty in Winter  It’s easy for a garden To impress and look awesome When, in summer, it’s full Of… Continue reading Winter at Chicago Botanic Garden – A Poem

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New Perennials in 2018

If gardeners can’t plunge their green thumbs into the soil in winter, we keep them happy by thinking about it. We plan; we sketch; we picture plant combinations in our dreams. Our plant wish lists fill up with the names of perennials we can’t wait to try. Here is a sampling of some of the… Continue reading New Perennials in 2018