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Garden of Lucinda Hutson

Funfunkyexuberantwildenergetic. These are all words that could describe the garden of Lucinda Hutson, but these are just words and her garden is more about a spirit, a joy-filled, larger-than-life spirit. It is the most colorful garden I have ever seen, and it is also a very personal expression of the gardener herself.

It is not easy to create a garden with this much color in a pleasing way. It could easily go horribly, migraine-producing wrong, but Lucinda’s garden revved my energy, lifted my spirits and made me want to be her friend.

Home of Lucinda Hutson

When our bus pulled up in front of her home – the front painted lavender with white and coral-colored accents – I knew this was a gardener who is not afraid of color. I couldn’t wait to walk through the garden.

Her cat, Sasho, welcomed me. After a few strokes on his head, I was admitted in the garden.

Flowers in coordinating colors overflowed containers by the front door.

Two seating areas in the front yard offered spots to sit and enjoy the flowers.

Lucinda planted right up to the street.

Rounding the corner of the house, I was transported under the sea accompanied by mermaids and seashells. Plants, chosen to give the impression of coral and underwater plants, completed the scene.

Under an arbor in the side yard, a glimpse of what was to come was revealed.

It was decorated with a collection of children’s chairs displayed on a bright yellow wall on one side and…

and packed with organically-grown herbs, flowers and vegetables on the other.

Of course, there was a bench nearby to encourage neighborly conversation while harvesting.

A gate promised the adventure would continue.

Don’t you think food must taste better while eating in this outdoor dining area?

Cowboy boots as the centerpiece? Of course!

It was easy to imagine myself rocking in the chair on a cool morning or bellying up to the bar at a neighborhood fiesta.

A tequila cantina, in the farthest corner of the landscape, featured an outdoor shower. The décor was a bit more rustic, more subdued.

But Lucinda couldn’t allow the space to be devoid of color. A simple centerpiece of colorful glassware brightened the table.

A Mexican blanket was draped across a table and the blue-green wall provided color behind a display of collected treasures.

Many say gardens reflect the soul of their gardeners. Never was this more true than in the garden of Lucinda Hutson. I felt so fortunate to experience this garden in person and am so happy to share it with y’all.

Garden with me!

For all you tequila lovers out there: Lucinda Hutson is an author whose latest book, Viva Tequila! Cocktails, Cooking, and Other Agave Adventures, is available here.

8 thoughts on “Garden of Lucinda Hutson

  1. You really captured it—this garden was a wonderland with treasures and delightful details everywhere. It’ll be fun to see what everyone “saw” while there. I was keenly aware that with as much to see, I was almost certainly missing a lot! She was such delightful and engaging host—I loved this garden!

    1. It was difficult to choose which photos to use, Darcy. You are right – there was so much to see in her amazing garden!

  2. Mil gracias Diana for posting this fun and festive blog with others. I loved your kind words and descriptions and you did not miss a trick in describing my outdoor rooms along and sharing lovely photos. What a pleasure it was to welcome you here! I so appreciate how you captured my spirit as well!

    1. Thank YOU, Lucinda, for sharing your wonderful garden with me. It was pretty, but more importantly, it made me (and the other garden bloggers) so happy. It was an honor to meet you and experience your garden.

  3. You have mastered the art of taking garden photos without the people! Just the kitty allowed! I adore Lucinda’s garden and her house too. I could spend a week there looking at all that visual wealth. And there was, of course, the scent of the allspice bush.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Jenny. I totally agree we could have spent a long time discovering more and more of the beautiful details in Lucinda’s garden. I walked through it several times, front to back, back to front, and every time I saw something new.

    1. Thanks, Pam. Your comment means the world to me. Thank YOU so much for organizing the Garden Bloggers Fling this year. You guys did an awesome job and are the reason I had the opportunity to experience Lucinda’s garden. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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