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It’s seed catalog time!

These are just a few of the catalogs that arrive in January.
These are just a few of the catalogs that arrive in January.

I don’t grow a lot of plants from seed, but the seed catalogs that arrive in my mailbox in January are like treasured friends, a sign that spring will come again.

I turn their pages relishing the colorful photos and mouth-watering descriptions of each and every plant. I examine vegetables I don’t like with almost as much enthusiasm. Even beets, Brussels sprouts and squash look delicious when I am January dreaming! Page after page, my January vegetable garden grows larger and larger until logic takes over, thankfully before I start marking on all the pages.

Pea 'Half Pint' - Blog

The next time through, with a red pen and common sense intact, old favorites and new varieties to try are circled and pages dog-eared – kohlrabi, peas, carrots and radishes will be on my order forms. I can’t wait to plant peas with my grandsons this spring, and I think the variety called Half Pint from Territorial Seed Company will be ideal. A kohlrabi named Kolibri from Johnny’s Selected Seeds is not a new variety but I have never grown it before – 2016 will be the year.

Last fall, I cleared out one long perennial border. Aggressive plants and weeds were removed and it was mulched heavily. While looking at the Territorial Seed catalog, I decided I would plant broom corn and gourds in this garden while determining its long-term design.

Have you ever heard of oca? I hadn’t. It is a tuberous vegetable grown like potatoes. Different varieties have different tastes. Some are said to taste like winter squash, others like lemony potatoes, and another like carrots. These just may be the experimental vegetable I try this year.

Even though I purchase most of my vegetables as small plants, these catalogs jump-start the planning process for these too. Broccoli, cauliflower, onions and peppers in planting boxes; potatoes in Bosmere planting bags; and tomatoes in pots by themselves will leave room for crops planted by seed. January dreaming sure is yummy!

Order some catalogs and garden with me!

Following are links to companies who offer free catalogs:

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