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It’s time to evaluate containers.

Over-the-Railing Planters

Now that the plants in your container gardens have had a few weeks to put down roots in their new homes, it’s time to assess your designs and plant choices. If the blooms you expected to be cherry red are two shades hotter than a fire engine, find a new home for the offender. If an annual is not living up to expectations or growing too aggressively, replace it. An entire summer of entertaining (and hopefully a fair amount of relaxing) on your deck or patio is ahead. Be sure your containers make you happy! Here’s what I thought as I evaluated my containers.

Purple Raised Planter

First, I checked out the containers that welcome guests to the front door. I am thrilled with the way this raised garden is filling in. The impatiens are weaving their color through the other plants. The begonia is growing a little slower than the rest but I believe it can hold its own, fending off encroachment by the coleus and hosta.

Purple Glazed Pot by Front Door

The purple glazed pots on the opposite side of the door complement the raised garden nicely. I adore the tiny pot showing off a mass of lavender blooms!

Ferns in Antique Planter Stand

This old plant stand was a flea market find several years ago. I often plant it with bold, bright colors and considered continuing the purple theme. I am delighted I opted for this simpler design with ferns. It’s a great spot to relax with a glass of lemonade.

Window Box

Plants in the window boxes are mingling nicely with each other. The impatiens and browalia are bushy and blooming beautifully after their pre-planting pinches.

Vegetable Containers

Cobalt blue pots dominate the deck off the family room. Apple green adds a shot of color and breaks the monotony. Most containers are filled with edibles. The pot on the right is performing exactly as I hoped. The nasturtiums are spilling over the edge, the beets are contributing deep burgundy foliage, and the dwarf tomato is a magnificent ‘thriller’.

Pea on Trellis, Strawberries at Edges

The pea and strawberry planter is growing well. Both the peas and strawberries sport charming white blooms; the strawberries will add a touch of red soon.

Sweet Corn 'On Deck'

The deck off our master bedroom is decorated in a farmers market theme. It features old galvanized containers, most found at auctions, garage sales and flea markets. Edibles, again, are the main players. I am so excited to try ‘On Deck’ sweet corn in this large container. Other pots are planted with onions, tomatoes, peppers, and watermelon.

Overall, I am happy with my container gardens so far this season. How are yours doing? Share photos, ask questions and seek advice. Garden with me!







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